Teen Mom – When You Go (Waltz)

For years slacker-tinged indie rock band Teen Mom have graced stages all over DC, from Fort Reno to the Howard Theatre and many basements and DIY spaces between. It’s been two years since their EP Gilly filled our ears, but today the trio of Chris Kelly, Sean Dalby and Tom MacWright released their first full length album Groovy. Every good album release needs a music video, so Teen Mom gives us these visuals for the waltzable, dreamy single “When You Go”. Like their previous single “I Wanna Go Out”, one of the best DC videos of 2012, “When You Go” repurposes old footage, this time a bizarre 60s film featuring people dressed as monkeys riding bikes. Admittedly it gets a bit slow in the middle, but the end is worth sticking around for. Teen Mom plays live next on Friday October 23rd at WMUC in College Park with Expert Alterations and Slumberland Records’s Mercury Girls.


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