Best Video of 2012 #4: Redhead – Baggage

Stephen Redhead had quite a breakout year. The nerdy rapper’s prominent single Talk White led to a distribution deal with Fontana/Universal Records. And his innovative and powerful music video for Baggage, from his FREE mixtape The Schemata, really cemented me as a fan. Baggage earns the #4 spot in our top 5 DC music videos of the year, and I expect much more great things from Redhead in 2013.


One thought on “Best Video of 2012 #4: Redhead – Baggage

  1. […] Redhead is back! We’ve been fans of bespectacled rapper Stephen Redhead from PG County since 2012, though the wait for his debut album Exxxactly grows long. He recently released a new single […]

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