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Podcast for January 17th, 2018

Paul recaps his recent DJ night, while Tony wants to be a nerd rap mogul.

Lauren Calve & Run Come See – Ain’t Gonna Change My Mind [single]
Hiphopmcdougal – Let Me See That Sushi Roll [El Returno]
Carol From HR – Hurrd (Believe It) [LIVE! from Washington DC]
Chopteeth feat. Head-Roc – Free DC [Bone Reader]
Near Northeast – Clusters [Etxe Records at 10 Years: A Compilation]
The Bitter Dose Combo – It’s A Sin

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Podcast for June 29th, 2016


Tony makes Paul try the new drink of the summer, and tells of his recent gig judging a high school battle of the bands.

Three Man Soul Machine – Shaming The Game [Hold On (I’m Comin’ Home)]
Head-Roc – Write My Life [The Black Leon Project]
Wanted Man – Gun to My Head [Wanted Man]
The Red Fetish – South Virginia [The Wind, As Now, Is Silent]
So Spirited – In Mist [Flora Forever]
Dovelady – Oolong Way From Home [D]

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Head-Roc – Write My Life feat. Noyeek

The most important thing for rappers is to “keep it real”, but often that involves keeping up macho fictions about the toughness of street life that appeal to fans. Head-Roc, appointed Mayor of DC Hip-Hop through his long tenure of seniority, gets down to the real truth on his new single “Write My Life” featuring fellow DMV rapper Noyeek the Grizzy Bear. Roc often performs live with his funk ensemble Godisheus, but you get a full unfiltered dose of truth on his brand new solo album The Black Leon Project, featuring sly production from DC’s own Black Ink. Catch Head-Roc’s thunderous live set this Sunday afternoon at the (Up)Rising Festival on Rhode Island Avenue NE.

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Head-Roc – Black Love Superstars video

The Mayor of DC Hip-Hop, Head-Roc, is back with a brand new video. Black Love Superstars, produced by Seed Planter, teases Roc’s new album planned for a Spring 2013 release.


Head-Roc – Chocolate City Rocks video

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of Mustock, Mustafa Akbar‘s music festival of friends held at his farm in Lignum VA. The amazing lineup of performers includes Asheru, All Good Funk Alliance, Nappy Riddem, Lucky Dub and the mayor of DC hip hop, Head-Roc. Head’s got a brand new video out too, rapping about how awesome DC is. I can get behind that.


Head-Roc – UFCW Local 400 Anthem video

Today the Smithsonian Folklife Festival kicks off on the Mall, and Head-Roc, the Mayor of DC Hip-Hop, starts the party off right. Head-Roc is everywhere in this town, fronting his band GODISHEUS, writing for Huffington Post DC, and broadcasting on Capital Resistance Radio 97.5 FM. You’ve got two chances to see his “Black Rock Super Hero Music” set today, on the MONSTER Panorama Room sound stage at 1:30 PM, then again at the Good Hope and Naylor corner at 3:30 PM. Always championing causes close to his heart, he recently created a theme song and music video for the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400 chapter. I hope you get to enjoy the first day of the Festival instead of being locked in an office all day like me!