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Dove Lady – Can’t Be Sad

Dove Lady are the best in DC at making rock weird. The duo of Andrew Thawley and Jeremy Ray revel in creativity, both stereophonically on their many EPs and the accompanying music videos that cannot escape the descriptor “trippy”. The newest is “Can’t Be Sad”, which comes not from their latest EP G, but instead from late 2017’s E (pro tip: both are name-your-own-price downloads). Bucky Illingworth helms this video, and woo boy there is a lot going on. It starts with the pair watching a clip from an awkward TV series called Bibleman, and from there indulges in some pretty astounding and disturbing visual imagery that we won’t pretend to interpret.


Dove Lady – Ferbalicious

The ambitious DC duo Dove Lady chose wisely with their debut music video for “Ferbalicious”. Though simply named One, their first full length album is a complex tour through ideas and influences, showing this group’s inexhaustible supply of creativity and ambition. Despite the tags “alternative”, “punk” and “post-hardcore”, the single “Ferbalicious” features a classic and crisp breakbeat vibe that hearkens back to DJ mixes from the mid 2000s. The video, directed by Julian T. Oliver with co-direction and cinematography by Nigel Lyons, features drummer Andrew Thawley as “The Traveller”, meeting vocalist Jeremy Day as “The Dreamer” and joining him on an astral journey to form their musical partnership. Keep a browser tab open to their upcoming EP E that drops on November 17th (or go ahead and pre-order it for $999.99, we ain’t stopping you) and don’t miss their next show on Friday December 8th at Comet Ping Pong with out-of-towners Zula and Dehd.


Podcast for July 31st, 2017

Tony causes mayhem at a roller rink, while Paul acquires a drum kit.

Bells & Hunters – I Do [Modern Witch’s Songbook Vol. III]
Dunc – All Night [A Way Home]
Will Eastman & Haile Supreme – Evolution Supreme [single]
Uptown Boys Choir – Disclaimer [unreleased]
Bless – You’re Always On TV [7″]
Dove Lady – Ferbalicious [One]

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