Top 5 Videos of 2019 #4: Dove Lady – Can’t Be Sad

“Can’t Be Sad”? In 2019 the ultra-creative duo of Dove Lady, Andrew Thawley and Jeremy Ray, decided to press pause and go on hiatus, so forgive us for feeling wistful and somber. Dove Lady’s two music videos, this one and 2017’s “Ferbalicious”, take us to a dream-like other dimension where things almost make sense but completely unravel upon close inspection. Director Bucky Illingworth prefaces the visual treats of the two gents with a strange sequence from a late 90s TV show called Bibleman. And the rest, including the low key coda involving chakras and tossing a tree stump, are up for you to internalize. Grab Dove Lady’s 2017 EP E for whatever price you like.


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