Don’t Stay Home This Week 11/18

Monday 11/18:
Galaxy Hut expands on their usual two-band format tonight with live painting by Zhenya Parish and tarot reading by Miss Kelly D., accompanying experimental sounds from The Andalusian, Peter Serano and Baltimore’s Corey Thuro.

Tuesday 11/19:
College Park’s MilkBoy ArtHouse hosts a night of underground hip-hop Tuesday night with Mello Music Group’s Homeboy Sandman and Quelle Chris headlining, and DMV openers Ardamus, Prowess the Testament, RNL and DJ RBI providing the local flavor.

Wednesday 11/20:
Still looking for a night to check out 7DrumCity‘s new live music space The Pocket? We always recommend checking out garage rock duo Venray, and they’re anchoring a night co-presented by AdMo’s SongByrd along with Nashville’s Ttotals and the mysterious Sparkle Fang.

Thursday 11/21:
Wonderland Ballroom‘s monthly ska night BlueBeat DC hits Thursday night with our punky reggae faves The Scotch Bonnets and New York’s Dunia Best of Agent 99.


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