Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 9/28

Well that was a hell of a week, right? Let’s release some of that tension this weekend with some #DCmusic. Here are our picks!

Friday 9/28:
A night of righteous feminist punk music from Hemlines is just the thing DC could use tonight. Sadly it’ll be the last one we get, as the powerful quartet calls it a day after their farewell show at the Black Cat. Perfectly paired opening band Bacchae scratches the same itch.

Saturday 9/29:
It’s an embarrassment of riches on Saturday night, with too many fantastic options to pick from. We’re giving our nod to the positive dance vibes from the Afrofunk big band Chopteeth at Georgetown’s Gypsy Sally’s, with long time ska vocalist Caz Gardiner opening.

Sunday 9/30:
Damn, the Black Cat Backstage has been absolutely killing it with great DC music billing recently. There will be a big hole to fill when this space closes later this year. Sunday night‘s lineup of dream rock band Cigarette, future soul & funk vocalist Dreamcast, and ambient craftsman IMKA (formerly Flash Frequency) is truly inspired and not to be missed.


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