Astra Via – U Don’t Wanna Know


Good news DC, Astra Via are back in action! If you’re not familiar with the name, perhaps you are already familiar with its members, Jarrett Nicolay aka My New Mixtape and Olivia Mancini. Mancini usually rocks out hard with her Mates but collaborating with Nicolay imparts an electronic pop spin on her unmistakable voice. After a series of excellent EPs back in 2012-2014, the collaboration went dormant as other projects rose to the fore. We kicked off 2018 with Astra Via’s surprise return doing a delightful cover of “This Will Be Our Year” by the Zombies. Now we are thrilled to premiere the music video for their new original single “U Don’t Wanna Know”. Local artist George Fox directed the video, providing Soviet propaganda imagery to accompany the song about life in Russia. The band has this message to their fans old and new:

Hey Comrades! Astra Via has seen the future and it’s looking good if red is your favorite color and you prefer your wars served cold. Check out this cautionary tale as you enjoy our latest single.


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