Don’t Stay Home This Week 10/01

Welcome to October! You won’t be as excited to begin a new month until next April. While the weather remains warm, clear and unusually perfect, why not get out of your house and go to some shows?

Monday 10/01:
Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut is quite often king of Mondays for DC music. Tonight the indie beer bar hosts two new bands, feminist rock band The OSYX and sludgy punks BOAYT, plus legendary Inner Ear Studio head Don Zientara.

Tuesday 10/02:
Two shows got combined into one (double booking perhaps?) at Slash Run on Tuesday night. The overstuffed five band bill now includes two powerful DC acts, blue-haired Elizabeth II and loud punk from The Sniffs.

Wednesday 10/03:
We understand a couple of you missed the insane performance by DC’s dance punk powerhouse Light Beams at our Kennedy Center Millennium Stage last month. They’re back in town and tour tight, playing a free set Wednesday evening at SongByrd’s Vinyl Lounge in AdMo, supporting Lotion Princess and Cincinatti’s Leggy.

Thursday 10/04:
The countdown is on for the final shows at the Black Cat‘s intimate Backstage space. This Thursday night the legendary but doomed room hosts beloved crooner Seán Barna and delightful indie rock band Milo in the Doldrums, plus touring Atlanta band The Head.


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