BRNDA – House Show

BRNDA, the self-professed “Serious Band from Washington DC”, is back doing what they do best: releasing cassette tapes, touring far and wide, and promoting house shows. Bandmembers Leah Gage and Dave Lesser run the prominent DC house venues Bathtub Republic and 453 Florda, respectively, so naturally their new single “House Show” takes us through the glories of playing them, with misbehaving equipment, very friendly hosts and cool cool nights. If you were making a music video for this, would you include pics and video of some of the many many shows hosted by these distinguished individuals? Wouldn’t that make more sense than, well, potato chips? That’s exactly why Dave and Leah and Christian and Alex are in BRNDA, and the rest of us are sadly not. Pre-order BRNDA’s third release thanks for playing now before it drops on cassette March 30th courtesy Nashville’s Banana Tapes label, and wish them luck as their tour hits SXSW 2018.


One thought on “BRNDA – House Show

  1. Redweather says:

    This video <3.

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