Don’t Stay Home This Week 3/05

We’ve got DC music show picks for you every single night of the week. Go out every night, we dare you.

Monday 3/05:
The Dubya Bush-era political post-hardcore band Report Suspicious Activity heard the call to resume activity with the results of the 2016 election. Fronted by Articles of Faith’s Vic Bondi and featuring J Robbins and Darren Zendek, RSA presents songs from their new album Destroy All Evidence with support from Two Inch Astronaut and Anna Connolly at the Black Cat tonight.

Tuesday 3/06:
Grab a can of Monster and stay up late at Comet Ping Pong‘s Tuesday night show with another chance to catch recently recommended experimenters Dove Lady, far out Babe City rapper Nappy Nappa and New York’s Crumbs.

Wednesday 3/07:
Georgetown’s legendary club Blues Alley hosts a rare DC appearance by Zo!, soulful keyboarist extrodinaire and musical director for The Foreign Exchange, as he takes the stage with frequent collaborator Carmen Rodgers. Two shows at 8 and 10, so grab tix now while you can.

Thursday 3/08:
Literary bar Petworth Citizen hosts some of the coolest events in town. Thursday nights Herb Scott programs DC jazz sessions, and this night progressive jazz saxophonist Tedd Baker throws down some fierce improvisation like this.


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