Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/02

The weather outside is frightful, and we hope you are staying home safe from these powerful winds today. But after that dies down, here are your #DCmusic weekend picks!

Friday 3/02:
Celebrate the release of Park Snakes sophomore release Silk, a post-punk gothy noir romp with guest spots from Alex Tebeleff and Ben Schurr. Slash Run hosts the trio Friday night along with legendary Devin Ocampo’s excellent speed rock band The Effects and Baltimore’s Natural Velvet.

Saturday 3/03:
Troubadour Justin Jones embodies both a classy gentleman and rugged outlaw. See him play selections from his extensive catalog at The Hamilton Saturday night, supported by folk rock band The Beanstalk Library.

Sunday 3/04:
The Caribbean are certainly one of the longest running active bands in DC music. They bring their dreamy experimental rock to our monthly #DCmusic showcase at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage this Sunday. Bring everyone you know for the free show at 6 PM!

Ben Tufts is without question one of the finest drummers and educators in DC. Every year around this time he organizes his many many musical friends for a tribute show to raise money for the Craig Tufts Educational Scholarship Fund, in memory of his father. This year they tackle The Police, and Georgetown’s Gypsy Sally’s hosts both weekend nights, featuring The NRIs, Throwing Plates, the Bachelor Boys Band and much more.


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