Piramid Scheme – Regular Guy

After a string of releases under her own name, singer Lisa Said decided to rebrand. Adding guitarist Darren Day to her collaboration with drummer Andrew Toy led to the cheeky band name Piramid Scheme, whose double meaning relates to Said’s heritage as Egyptian-American. The band’s first single is an update of Said’s 2017 solo track “Regular Guy”, with a big classic rock style and sultry vocals reminiscent of Patti Smith. They recorded their debut EP Get Rich Quick Too at Arlington’s beloved studio Inner Ear with Don Zientara last December, soon to be released by Tall Short Records on April 27th. Director Scott Crawford of the DC punk documentary Salad Dazed and photographer Jim Saah captured the band’s recording session in this music video. College Park’s Milkboy Arthouse hosts the band’s next live gig on Tuesday March 20th along with Short Lives, Bad Robot Jones and Nashville’s Twen.

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