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Podcast for February 6th, 2019

Tony discusses his phrases to ease social interactions, while Paul reveals the genesis of Hometown Sounds.

Micah Robinson – Heart Song [single]
Bleach Bones – Epic [Elysian Fields EP]
We Were Pirates – You Don’t Owe Me Anything [Gone EP]
Origami Angel – Denny’s Devito [Holy Split]
Lotion Princess – Carry Over [Take Care]
Tristan Welch – Monday [40 Hours]

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Presenting We Were Pirates @ Millennium Stage


Hometown Sounds is stoked to present We Were Pirates for our December #DCmusic showcase on the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.

We Were Pirates is the musical brainchild of Mike Boggs, a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records songs in his home studio in the DC area. Boggs has released three albums, an EP, and a film score for ‘Dear Mr. Watterson.’

Wired magazine featured We Were Pirates in their March 2012 issue following the release of the second album, Change. The feature said, “You heard this band’s public radio-friendly pop on This American Life and you heard its tracks on MTV’s: The Real World: DC. So don’t miss ‘Better Off Without You’ from the new album. Catchy synths will have your crew dancing a jig.”

2016’s Matter finds Boggs exploring a mellow, electronic aesthetic. A return to simple, melodic songs. Existential questions are asked about life, loss, and love.

RSVP here and come to the free performance at 6 PM on Friday December 9th!

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We Were Pirates – Matter

Esteemed co-host and podcast producer Tony Porreco likened We Were Pirates‘ Mike Boggs to a “pourover coffee”. It takes more time to brew, but the complex, nuanced taste is worth the wait. While Boggs rounds up a few talented folks to perform songs live, the composition and studio recording work is nearly all Mike. The original instrumental score to the documentary film Dear Mr. Watterson came out in 2013, and the last proper album by We Were Pirates was 2012’s Change. Spacey electronics and synthetic drums are the new compliments to Boggs’s delicate and precise vocals on “Matter”, the title track from We Were Pirates’ brand new album. Celebrate the album’s release next Thursday March 3rd at the Black Cat with Color Palette and Me & Karen, an all-DC lineup as perfectly curated as you’d expect from Boggs.


Podcast for February 9th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.05.56 AM

Tony teases some of his new bite-sized music and Paul gets spooked by an accidental video call through Facebook. Not enough? Then our new DC music should satisfy you!

We Were Pirates – Matter [single]
Ménage À Garage – Die in a Fire [The Demo EP]
Big Moth – Vulnerable [Big Moth EP]
See-I – The Chase (Sol Power All-Stars Remix) [Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed]
Igloo Two – Massive Miner [ep]
Stronger Sex – K in a Sunbeam [single]

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We Were Pirates – Kill Me (Pt. 3) video

Ok DC, I know it’s almost Thanksgiving and you’ve already checked out of this week, but we’ve got a lot to cover in this post. The excellent Calvin & Hobbes documentary Dear. Mr. Watterson is now out in theaters and video-on-demand at home, either through iTunes or directly from the filmmakers through VHX. You probably know that HTS fave We Were Pirates composed the score for this film, available for streaming and purchase at Bandcamp. Well the talented Mr. Mike Boggs also directed a music video for the score’s song Kill Me (Pt. 3), an eventful walk in the woods for a familiar-looking bird watcher. The fine folks at This American Life also used a song from the score in this past weekend’s episode, 512: House Rules. And mark your calendars for December 9th when WWP plays a hometown show on the rooftop of the W Hotel. Whew! Got all that?

And props to Mr. Boggs for rocking a fine Movember ‘stache.


We Were Pirates – Civilized Man live acoustic video

Mike Boggs’ indie pop band We Were Pirates has recently reactivated after a quiet period during the making of the score to the Calvin & Hobbes documentary Dear Mr. Watterson. Our Live Picks! contributor and podcast co-host Tony Porreco interviewed Mike for his debut installment of DCist’s Three Stars column, so go read that if you missed it last week. For today’s video, check out a live acoustic performance of Civilized Man, my favorite track from the former buccaneers’ excellent 2012 album Change, shot outside a church a few weeks ago by Tim Causa. Special shouts to drummer Pat Frank for banging on a guitar case.


We Were Pirates – Dear Mr. Watterson film score

Mike Boggs, frontman of the indie pop band We Were Pirates, recently took a break from performing to compose the score to the Calvin & Hobbes documentary film Dear Mr. Watterson. The Kickstarted film is currently touring the film festival circuit, and while we patiently wait for a DC showing, the score was released today. Stream the whole thing at SoundCloud and buy it at WWP’s Bandcamp page in full uncompressed glory!


We Were Pirates – Better Off Without You video

DC music video of the day! Did you know that We Were Pirates‘s Mike Boggs is the cousin of former DC songstress Laura Burhenn? I learned that bit of trivia at December’s Federal Reserve Collective reunion show at the Black Cat. I’ve been a fan of this band since seeing them play Fort Reno a few years ago, but most people (NPR fans) will recognize the band’s version of The Three Of Us from This American Life’s Break-Up episode. They’re back on the scene with a brand new album, and a music video for the lead-off track, Better Off Without You.