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Podcast for August 27th, 2020

Paul gets foiled by Instagram Live, while Tony finds something in his taco.

Terracotta Blue – Rio Red Hot [single]
Maddi Mae – Sorry ‘Bout Your Boyfriend [single]
Tanner Carlton – Free Leaf Vinyl [single]
Columbia Breakers – Brother, You Are [single]
Night Train 357 – Where You At [The Nightlife]
Sol Power All Stars feat. Elikeh – Va Sé Da [Lomé Connections in Hi-Fi]

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Podcast for August 22nd, 2019

Paul visits Philadelphia, while Tony deals with a precarious olive oil bottle.

Near Northeast – Draw the Sun [Cabin Sessions]
Baughman Dynasty – Gun in My Hand [single]
Shining Blade Theory – Guillotine [Live in the Studio]
Swoll – Unwound [Unwound]
Night Train 357 – Cosmic Cruise [single]
Coven Tree – No Land [Coven Tree / Tadzio Split]

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