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Top 5 Videos of 2019 #5: Ex Hex – Rainbow Shiner

Welcome to the annual review of our favorite DC music videos of 2019. It’s so tough to pick, but these 5 videos really grabbed us and and reminded everyone how vibrant and relevant the music video art form remains.

Classic stadium rock band Ex Hex landed a spot on our best music videos list from 2014. In 2019 they roared back to stages all across the country with album It’s Real, five long years after their debut album Rips established the veteran trio of Mary Timony, Betsy Wright and Laura Harris. “Rainbow Shiner”, a mid-tempo song fronted by Wright, turns the sour subject of domestic abuse into a visual feast worthy of the song’s title by underground cartoonist and animator M. Wartella.


Ex Hex – Rainbow Shiner

Ex Hex videos are often visual feasts, but “Rainbow Shiner” really amplifies the lyrics in gloriously colorful style. Director M. Wartella turns the feminist anthem against physical abuse into a stylish, Skittles-hued treat of Besty Wright, Mary Timony and Laura Harris’s faces covered in makeup and animation. The video matches and enhances the mid-tempo pulsing beat without ever becoming garish or, god forbid, boring. If you missed Ex Hex’s headlining gig at the 9:30 Club last week for the sophomore album It’s Real, we hope you did something pretty amazing instead.


Ex Hex – Tough Enough

Yesterday power rock trio Ex Hex released the first music video from their sophomore album It’s Real. “Tough Enough”, directed by Brandon Herman, is a strange video that tackles the threat of nuclear war with a dose of camp. We don’t like to summarize videos you’re about to watch, but go in prepared for some eyerolls at the end. The bits with Mary Timony, Betsy Wright and Laura Harris rocking out together remind us how long it feels to wait 5 years for the follow up to their debut album Rips feels. Their spring tour hits DC at the 9:30 Club on May 10th with opening sets from The Messthetics (!!) and Clear Channel, so don’t sleep on those tix when they’re released.


Podcast for January 21st, 2019

Tony and Paul discuss Black Mirror, choose your own adventure books, and of course all the hot new #DCmusic.

Priests – The Seduction of Kansas [The Seduction of Kansas]
Manila Killa feat. Sara Skinner – All 2 U [single]
Aaron Abernathy – I Want You Again [Epilogue]
Ex Hex – Cosmic Cave [It’s Real]
TK Echo – Fade My Mind [S/T]
Gauche – Conspiracy Theories [single]

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Ex Hex – Don’t Wanna Lose video

With a band like Ex Hex, expectations for their music videos are naturally sky high. This killer video for “Don’t Wanna Lose”, the tone-setting lead-off track from 2014’s breakout album Rips, is already a strong candidate for DC music video of the year. Lara Gallager, director of Ex Hex’s dinner-party-with-Svenonious video “Hot and Cold”, takes the helm again and delivers this amazing tribute to Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains, a 1982 cult film about three teenage girls who start a punk band, directed by Lou Adler. You’ve probably never seen this classic, so add it to your Amazon Prime Instant Video queue now!


Top 5 Videos of 2014 #3: Ex Hex – Waterfall

For years the question on the minds of tastemakers in DC music has been “Who will finally break out to national acclaim?” Is it Deleted Scenes? Priests? Drop Electric? 2014 has spoken loudly and the answer is Ex Hex. Mary Timony, Laura Harris and Betsy Wright conquered our hearts without pretention or complication, just straight ahead rock jams that reward repeated listens of their debut album Rips. They spent a lot of 2014 taking their show on the road and always having a blast rocking out together. Some have debated whether Ex Hex is a part of the “DC music scene”, but I think this video for “Waterfall” shows their hometown love with sneaky cameos from Kid Congo Powers, The Make-Up’s Michelle Mae, Alec MacKaye and Francy Graham from Chain & The Gang. And those costumes! And the flying saucer making lames cool! What a video.


Ex Hex – Waterfall video

My complaint about most DC rock bands is that they take themselves and their music far too seriously. The ladies of DC’s newest sensation Ex Hex are a breath of fresh air. Laura Harris, Betsy Wright and Mary Timony, veterans of many notable DC bands, are clearly having a blast rocking out together and their enthusiasm is infectious. “Waterfall”, the b-side from their debut 7″, gets the music video makeover from underground cartoonist M. Wartella, and it’s instantly one of my favorites of the year. The band flies around in a funky UFO zapping coolness into the likes of Kid Congo Powers, The Make-Up’s Michelle Mae, Alec MacKaye and Francy Graham from Chain & The Gang. If you’re still wondering what costume to wear on Halloween this year, take some notes from this video.


Ex Hex – Hot and Cold video

Since wrapping up the brief but insanely catchy project Wild Flag with Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony assembled a new band with drummer Laura Harris of The Aquarium and Besty Wright called Ex Hex, after the title of Timony’s third solo album in 2005. Ex Hex has generated a lot of excitement in the music scene recently, signing to Merge Records and blowing lids at SXSW last week. The 7″ single for “Hot and Cold” is out today, as is a brand new music video directed by Lara Gallagher, featuring Chain & The Gang’s Ian Svenonious and his luxurious mop-top in a dinner date ruined by the precocious band.