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Podcast for March 8th, 2016


Tony’s enthusiasm for live music tests the boundaries of acceptable show-going behavior, and Paul shares an idea to sell albums to digital only fans.

Be Steadwell – Netflix [Jaded. dark love songs]
Blankus Larry – Please (Don’t Let Me Lose My Mind) [Problemo]
Jauze – Maybe You Did [Two Demos]
Honey Pot Canoe – Drink My Way To You [Radiotelephony]
Brutalism – Amulets [single]
Terracotta Blue – Dirge [Stronger / Dirge]

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Brutalism – Friday Night (Home Invasion)

Kids, let me tell you about a glorious time us old folk lived through called the 80s. It was glorious. Hair like you wouldn’t believe. And cars! Those spiffy cars even got their own TV shows, like Knight Rider and The Dukes of Hazzard.

Brutalism, the over-the-top synthpop group featuring Gavin Holland, Ben Bruno and Zach Carter, mine this treasure trove in their newest music video for the deranged single “Friday Night (Home Invasion)”. The first few times I heard the single I got lost in the feel-good dance party grooves, but the music video doesn’t let you miss the dark lyrics about home invasion and murder. So why not pair that song with visuals of cheesy computer graphics, hardcore action flicks and the carefree joy of taking a Pontiac Stinger on the beach? Brutalism seems to know a hidden formula for genius, because I’ve never seen modern synthpop, 80s video clips and murder work so well together anywhere else.


Brutalism – New Empire video

Earlier this week the fine folks at WAMU’s Bandwidth premiered the first music video from dance music trio Brutalism. Though some might be dismayed that a band called Brutalism doesn’t play some form of metal, the 80s style synthpop from producers Gavin Holland and Ben Bruno and the dominant, shouty vocals from Zach Carter really light up the dance floor. Though official album or EP releases are still to come, the trickle of single tracks continues with this dark tale of Soviet oppression. The video is a mix of old movie footage complimenting the feel of the song and lyrics, so you don’t miss the song’s demented message. I can’t wait to see these guys live!