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Blankus Larry – Hotdog Rainbow


Blankus Larry is a unanimously anonymous post-normal proto-punk rock and roll band based in DC and VA Beach, and they are very excited about the upcoming Labor Day holiday in the United States. To celebrate, they whipped up this song and video gem called “Hotdog Rainbow”, which we’re honored to premiere to all hot dog lovers everywhere.

Band members Durdy and Bloody Larry shared this motivation for the song’s creation:

First, we need to settle a bitter dispute that has been roiling America recently: whether or not ketchup belongs on hotdogs. (Huffpost is definitely wrong with this article). How can you have a hotdog rainbow without ketchup red? Answer: You can’t. Ketchup is also in the first line of the song, so it must certainly belong on hotdogs. And any relish haters out there can buzz right off.

Second, we seem extremely divided as Americans lately, and while hotdog rainbows aren’t going to solve these problems, we hope that all Americans will take a moment to smile, sing along, and enjoy something that we all have in common: a love for hotdogs. And there’s even vegan hotdogs, so no American is left behind.

Their third album Hotdog Rainbows is set to be released in 2017 (YMMV due to Larry Standard Time). Catch up on their first two garage-rock party albums at their Bandcamp before seeing them rock your face off at the Black Cat on Monday September 18th.


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