Luce Listening Party feat. Wes Felton

Luce Listening Party w Wes Felton

The Luce Listening Party, our collaboration with the Luce Foundation Center in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, continues with special guest Wes Felton!

Wes Felton – Dust and Limited Dreams feat. Pete Muldoon  [Diary of a Black Misanthrope]
Wes Felton – The Way Things Used To Be feat. Uptown XO & Kenny Allen  [Quarantine Love]
Wes Felton – Romancing the Wilderness  [Kings in the Wilderness]
Dante’ Pope – Big Facts feat. Wes Felton  [single]
The CrossRhodes – DC State of Mind feat. Asheru  [Black Boy Joy Mixtape]
Wes Felton – Malcolm Littles  [The Year of Return]

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One thought on “Luce Listening Party feat. Wes Felton

  1. Marc Mealy says:

    Wes Felton is one of America’s most talented and hard working independent creative artists in this era of COVID-19. Thanks to the Luce Foundation and the Smithsonian for adding his music to your respective platforms and to the attention of your respective networks and supporters.

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