Don’t Stay Home This Week 12/30

Monday 12/30:
The day before the excitement of 2020’s impending arrival, four bands play tonight at Galaxy Hut for “Happy This Year! Music Festival”. See Freddy Hall, Cartesian Theater, Sly Samudre and Drew Jenkinson starting at 9 PM.

Tuesday 12/31:
If you’re still without elaborate, expensive and overrated plans for New Year’s Eve, head to Evening Star Cafe in Del Ray for the 10th (!!) annual NYE show hosted by classic folk rock band The Beanstalk Library, along with very special guests Uptown Boys Choir. There’s no cover charge! You cannot go wrong.

Wednesday 1/01:
In association with the inaugural National Bell Festival that rings bells all over DC on New Year’s Day at 2 PM, Mr. Henry’s hosts a free and super-chill late afternoon show by Griefcat, the sparkly new duo of singer-songwriters Louisa Hall and Nardo Lilly.

Thursday 1/02:
Get a jump on your New Year’s resolution to see more live music this Thursday night with three kick-ass rock bands Thursday night at the Pie Shop. See Company Calls, Ménage À Garage and Venray, and ruin your New Year’s diet with delicious pie too.


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