Don’t Stay Home This Week 12/09

Monday 12/09:
Sexy vocal jazz group Veronneau return to Blues Alley tonight for their annual holiday music show “Snow Time” with two sets at 8 and 10 PM.

Tuesday 12/10:
SongByrd’s Tuesday evening offering in Adams Morgan pairs mellow indie pop band Lotion Princess with touring folk artist Sam Amidon.

Wednesday 12/11:
It’s tough to say goodbye, but groovy DC rock band Lovejet hugs it out at their farewell show Wednesday night at 7DrumCity’s The Pocket. Multi-lingual singer-songwriter Liah and folk rock band Adele Marie & The Milkweeds round out the all-DC bill.

Thursday 12/12:
Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown carved out a dedicated niche for the funk and jam music scene, including beloved funk-rock band Albino Rhino. The clock is ticking on this venue, so catch the Rhino one last time on this stage Thursday night along with New Orleans band The Quickening.


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