Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 12/06

Friday 12/06:
If you like your live music with big brass sections, Union Stage is your home base tonight with classy ska group Eastern Standard Time and Roma-influenced party animals Black Masala, with tropical DJ sets from Leon City Sounds.

Saturday 12/07:
Petworth burger bar Slash Run hosts three thoughtful and innovative bands Saturday night. Lisa Said’s group Piramid Scheme deliver psychedelic blues, Teething Veils make delightfully dark chamber-folk, and We Capillaries can only be summed up as “weirdo rock”.

Sunday 12/08:
See post-rock, post-classical, punk-influenced singer Case Graham’s solo tour as Birds For Eyes land back home in DC Sunday night at SongByrd’s Vinyl Lounge, along with Cal Rifkin and Matt Fusiek.


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