Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 10/25

Friday 10/25:
The Ian Svenonious-led “Gospel Yeh-Yeh” band The Make-Up are a critical part of DC music history. Catch a rare reunion show tonight at the Black Cat with Light Beams (our Millennium Stage vets!) and Taraka of Prince Rama.

Saturday 10/26:
Comet Ping Pong has the late night pizza and indie rock your Saturday night deserves. BRNDA (more Millennium Stage vets!) and Poppy Patica open for super-generically-named New York trio Patio.

Sunday 10/27:
The Nats are obviously going to take the World Series in four games flat. That frees your Sunday night up to take in A Night With We Capillaries And The Moonbugs at Galaxy Hut.


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