Peanut Butter – Slow Retreat Too


Peanut Butter, fka Peanut Butter & Dave, is the cross-country indie rock duo of Paul Bugala and David Diaz. On our #DCmusic Podcast this week we spun the catchy “Asteroid Negotiations”, the lead-off single from their almost-released new album Don’t Stop, produced by Devin Ocampo. Today we get to premiere the album’s second single “Slow Retreat Too”, with this music video from director Jon Lutz featuring an adorable tiger on a musical mystery journey through recognizable landmarks in DC and Silver Spring. Plus the drums on this track come from Renata Ocampo of Warm Sun.

Eagle-eyed fans (like us) might note that this looks identical to the video for “Asteroid Negotiations” premiered last month by the Ohio-based music blog Atlas and the Anchor. Bugala remarked, “Kind of an illustration of how viewers/listeners can create or ascribe different meanings from creative content depending on how it’s presented.”

You can pre-order the vinyl release of this album now on Bandcamp, or stop by DC area record stores Crooked Beat and Som Records to take it home now.


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