Don’t Stay Home This Week 8/13

You know what to do. Don’t Stay Home. See this #DCmusic instead.

Tuesday 8/13:
Pleasure Train describe themselves as purveyors of the #sexgroove, and we cosign that assessment. See them rock out tonight as the featured artists at Sauf Haus‘s open mic night.

Wednesday 8/14:
Wednesday evening the Strathmore‘s free outdoor summer concert series Live From The Lawn features the so-called “Wickedest Band Alive”, go-go legends Rare Essence. Keep the spirit of #DontMuteDC alive!

Thursday 8/15:
DIY haven Dwell hosts an impressive and diverse bill of #DCmusic Thursday night. Pen Palindrome is the solo folky indie rock project of Ava Mirzadegan, and Zarine Kharazian makes jazz/punk music as Miss, Understand Me. Natasha Janfaza fronts “post-sandwich” band Panini Girlfriend, and Evergreen is a brand new trio of Kamyar Arsani(Daf/Ukulele/vocal), Sonia Maria(violin) and Maggie Yakoub (vocals) performing music you could only hear in Egyptian or Iranian cafe’s.


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