Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 6/07

Don’t even think about staying home this weekend. Live music forever!

Friday 6/07:
For DIY house show enthusiasts, Dwell is one of the last remaining haunts in DC these days. Tonight the folky/indie rock vibes ring out with The North Country, Fiona Kohrman (ex of The El Mansouris), and Adele Marie & The Milkweeds.

Saturday 6/08:
The energy and drive behind the inclusive, feminist organization This Could Go Boom is infectious. Catch their disease Saturday night as their monthly showcase hits the Dew Drop Inn with Wicked Sycamore, Ms Fridrich‘s Sarah Flippert, Boss Company and When Particles Collide all the way from Bangor, Maine.

Sunday 6/09:
The only bar that matters in Arlington, Galaxy Hut saves Sunday night with two DC energetic indie rock bands, Trajectories and Pompeii Graffiti.


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