Podcast for April 24th, 2019 feat. Javier Diaz & Lilly Schwartz

Javier Diaz of Spirit Plots and Lilly Schwartz of Erotic Thrillers take over the podcast to invite everyone to their show Friday May 10th at Slash Run!

Spirit Plots – The Aircraft Questions [Exit Acts]
Erotic Thrillers – Mansplain It To Me, Baby [Demos]
The Effects – Numbers [Eyes To The Light]
BRNDA – Beverage of Choice [Post​-​Trash: Volume Four]
The Scotch Bonnets – Royals [Come On Over]
Coral Benders – Jellyfish Yell [single]

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3 thoughts on “Podcast for April 24th, 2019 feat. Javier Diaz & Lilly Schwartz

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  3. […] Tonight DC summertime music institution Fort Reno has Erotic Thrillers (featuring recent podcast guest host Lilly Schwartz!), Anti-Planet and the exciting new supergroup Hammered Hulls, with Alec MacKaye […]

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