Don’t Stay Home This Week 4/01

No April Foolin’ here, just our Monday roundup of the best live #DCmusic to catch all week.

Monday 4/01:
We’re as excited as everyone about the Breakin’ Even Fest taking over the Pie Shop at the end of April, but tonight Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut hosts a preview show. See our pop-punk faves American Television and two NC acts, Late Bloomer and Alright for only $5.

Tuesday 4/02:
Keep things loud & experimental Tuesday night at Slash Run. Kohoutek and Heavy Breathing are two veteran DC bands that haven’t shared a stage until this, welcoming math-rock power trio Loolowningen & the Far East Idiots from Japan.

Wednesday 4/03:
Here’s what Slash Run wants you to know about their Wednesday night show: “What’s the news? Glue Boy’s gone. What else is new is that this very show is gonna take you back to the old days when glue was food and Glue Boy wasn’t news. Walk/run to Slash Run for old tunes and new news.” All we can add to that is Light Beams and Panini Girlfriend join a NYC band called Shake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out. $5, 8 PM.

Thursday 4/04:
Masters of chill rock Cigarette headline DC9 on Thursday evening, along with DC’s Palette, their Ohio split cassette buds Child Princess, and New York’s Giggly Boys.


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