Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/29

It’s the weekend already! Isn’t live music just the thing you need? Here’s our #DCmusic picks for the weekend.

Friday 3/29:
Celebrate indie pop band Nah.‘s album release tonight at Pearl Street Warehouse with supporting sets from Skaii and The Duskwhales, plus comedy from Jenny Questel.

Saturday 3/30:
The Rock & Roll Hotel has three fantastic DC bands on the lineup for Saturday night. Bottled Up scratch your classic garage rock itch, Mystery Friends perfect the art of dance-rock, and anthemic synthwave band Honest Haloway celebrate their impressive new music video “Atonement”.

Sunday 3/31:
Strum the Fox‘s new EP is called Vulpeculated, which is an old-timey word meaning “Robbed by a fox”. Come see this genre-defying band (featuring euphonium!) headline the Pie Shop on Sunday evening, along with heartthrob faves Bal Boheme and Maryjo Mattea.


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