Don’t Stay Home This Week 1/15

Bet you’re ready to get out of your house after all those snow days, right? We have just the thing. Here’s our #DCmusic show picks for the week ahead.

Tuesday 1/15:
Get to DC9 on time tonight to catch experimental indie pop bands Frass Green and Poppy Patica kick off the night for Philly post-punk band Church Girls.

Wednesday 1/16:
There’s pretty much no way you can have more fun this Wednesday night than seeing young punks Bacchae open for New York’s dashing dino dames T-Rexstasy at the Pie Shop. Just don’t forget the pie.

Thursday 1/17:
The best formula for a night of live music is a mix of bands you know and some you don’t. DC9‘s Thursday night bill includes sweater folk band you and me and you playing their first big show, with two bands we’ve dug before, synthpoppy Yesferatu and dark post-punk Social Station.


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