Don’t Stay Home This Week 11/05

Don’t stay home, DC. Get out, vote, and be a part of the DC music community. We all need each other more than ever.

Monday 11/05:
Galaxy Hut has some beautiful ambient music on offer this evening. Tristan Welch, who always takes the stage in a professional suit, creates works on a theme to “Abolish Work” and “Fire Your Boss”. Doug Kallmeyer, also of the group Super!Silver!Haze!, performs on tenor bass as The Ambient Eye with visual projections from Monica Stroik. Also see the debut of new instrumental group Ice Out.

Tuesday 11/06:
Just vote. And hold your breath.

Wednesday 11/07:
Capitol Hill bar Trusty’s hosts songwriter Laura Tsaggaris on the first Wednesday of each month. Each show features a special set of cover songs from an album that was particularly influential for her.

Thursday 11/08:
DC’s most prolific photog roXplosion now curates shows at H Street NE’s Dangerous Pies for a series called Dangerous Sessions. This Thursday he’s serving up a full course meal, including appetizer: Higher Numbers (grit *and* passion), entree: NOE (progressive grunge), and dessert: Throwdown Syndicate (groove ghetto metal). Show your support and buy this man a lot of pie.


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