Don’t Stay Home This Week 10/22

Here’s your Don’t Stay Home agenda to get out and see #DCmusic every night this week.

Monday 10/22:
The Electric Grandmother hosts a night of joy and oddity tonight at Slash Run, with support from Chapel Hill’s S.E. Ward and a solo set from crooner Seán Barna. EG describe themselves as “Into all kinds of ill shit. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. They’re from Greenland, but you can’t tell. Mess up you up.” Also, enjoy this flier.

Tuesday 10/23:
The legendary blues showman Jonny Grave returns to BBQ joint Hill Country. There’s no way you’re doing better than this on a Tuesday night.

Wednesday 10/24:
Wednesday night is your chance to catch sets from two buzzy indie rock bands, Poppy Patica and Saturday Night, as they open for Brisbane Australia’s The Goon Sax at Songbyrd.

Thursday 10/25:
Funk band Albino Rhino play gigs around town pretty frequently, but new recorded music is a rare treat. This Thursday the quartet celebrates the release of their new EP of funkified jazz standards with a show at Georgetown’s Gypsy Sally’s, with support from a mysterious new band called Skaii.


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