Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 10/19

We’ve got synthpop at DC9 and two fantastic matinee shows for your #DCmusic weekend highlights.

Friday 10/19:
DC9 has a fantastic synthpop lineup tonight. Lavender, NUEX and The North Country are all bands we have featured on our fortnightly podcast, but stream the songs below for a refresher. Don’t stay at work too late, the music starts early at 7 PM!

Saturday 10/20:
Multiflora Production‘s monthlong Flash of the Spirit Festival highlights rarely seen world music in venues all over the city. Saturday afternoon at 2 PM the Anacostia Arts Center hosts an eclectic matinee featuring worthy DC bands including Light Beams, Warm Sun, No Plans, Time Is Fire’s Kamyar Arsani, Panini Girlfriend and more. Bring $10 for a suggested donation to support live music in DC!

Sunday 10/21:
Born in Lebanon, Huda Asfour is a cultural ambassador for Arabic music in DC. Her 2018 album Kouni كوني draws inspiration from Iraq, Tunisia, Palestine and more. On Sunday the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery hosts two free performances by Asfour, at noon and 1 PM.


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