Don’t Stay Home This Week 5/14

Every week we tell you about the best #DCmusic shows to check out every night of the week. This week we are doing it again!

Monday 5/14:
LA-based street musician Sunny War picked two great DC acts to open her show at the Rock & Roll Hotel tonight. Tarica June channels positivity and social consciousness with a throwback rapping style, while Oh He Dead is all about the party-soul vibes.

Tuesday 5/15:
Tuesday night is your chance to support the long running homegrown experimental music festival Sonic Circuits. Takoma Park venue Rhizome hosts a benefit show featuring Isreali band uru and a new improvising ensemble called Myelin Nation, featuring Sarah Hughes, Corey Thuro, Maria Shesuik, Aaron Mertes & Daniel Ostrow.

Wednesday 5/16:
Can we interest you in a Wednesday night live music show in a bathtub? Not really, it’s the Bathtub Republic house, this night hosting Brooklyn’s Anna McClellan, Nice Breeze, Staffers and housemate Leah Gage’s new solo moniker Crab Legs.

Thursday 5/17:
It’s hard to keep track of all the musical projects of Uptown Arthouse head Jamal Gray. He’s gathered members of his band Nag Champa to form Raygunomics, and they take over the Dew Drop Inn Thursday night for a night of hip-hop, go-go and future jazz.


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