Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 5/11

If you still have room in your hearts for some #DCmusic this weekend, here’s the shows we have picked out for you.

Friday 5/11:
True story: last year I walked up to the Hamilton for the Bumper Jacksons May show thinking there will be plenty of tickets available at the door. Turns out seats were sold out, I got standing room only tickets and ended up hanging out with Elena Lacayo, who is opening tonight‘s Bumper Jacksons show at the same venue. Learn from my wisdom and grab your tickets now!

Saturday 5/12:
DC, did you hear that there is a big neighborhood music festival happening on Saturday afternoon, with multiple stages dedicated to showcasing DC’s astounding local talent? That’s right, the Takoma Porch Music Festival happens from 2-6 PM and features Ms. Fridrich, Louisa Hall, Marian McLaughlin, Uptown Boys Choir and much much more.

Of course there’s also a Parade of Funk going down on U Street, but did you really need us to tell you about it?

Sunday 5/13:
Rhizome is the place for your Sunday evening cerebral expansion. Drummers Ian McColm and Nate Scheible unite with dancers Aquiles Holladay and Shay Turner for a truly unique performance, plus experimental rapper Nappy Nappa and Cleveland’s Mourning(A)BLKstar.


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