Don’t Stay Home This Week 2/26

It’s a brand new week and we’ve got more great reasons to not stay home by indulging in the finest #DCmusic.

Monday 2/26:
Impress your Bumble date with classy French wine and Django Reinhardt-inspired gypsy jazz tunes as The Bitter Dose Combo continues their residency at Georgetown’s Bistrot Lepic wine bar.

Tuesday 2/27:
Another precious artifact of the musical community surrounding the now-shuttered Iota in Clarendon was the Tuesday night jam session hosted by Gordon Sterling. The jam has found a new home at Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown, so donate what you feel is right and see what the amazing musicians cook up.

Wednesday 2/28:
Silver Spring output Rhizome hosts some mind-expanding sounds from DC’s Aaron Leitko, as well as Video Blu and Reverent, an all-vocal industrial project from Moniker Records co-owner Jordan Reyes dealing with sex, death, drugs, and god. Don’t be afraid.

Thursday 3/01:
The Messthetics are a new heavy hitting instrumental trio featuring guitar shredder Anthony Pirog, bassist Joe Lally and drummer Brendan Canty of Super!Silver!Haze! and Deathfix. The latter two performers might also have been in another obscure band in the 90s but we couldn’t find more info about it on the entire Internet. The buzz about their new album on Dischord Records is huge, so get there early before the Dew Drop Inn fills up.


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