Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 2/23

As always, Hometown Sounds has the best picks for getting out and exploring the wild world of #DCmusic this weekend!

Friday 2/23:
The Cornel West Theory is the edgy, caffeinated dose of political hip-hop that DC needs most right now. Blessed by their namesake author and agitator, the group gears up for the release of their 6th album with a show at NE arts space Capital Fringe.

Saturday 2/24:
Slash Run hosts a fun as hell triple bill of rock Saturday night. Spirit Plots brings the peppy punk music, while Swoll, the new project of Matt Dowling of The Effects and Paperhaus, gets atmospheric and bass heavy. The Electric Grandmother round things out with a cheeky dose of synthetic cop show music.

Sunday 2/25:
Get creepy at the Black Cat Sunday evening with dream explorers Dove Lady and Alex Tebeleff’s ambient synthesizer wizardry moniker Blacklodge, plus Richmond experimental quintet Spooky Cool.


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