The Aquarium – Performer

The dynamic keys-n-drums duo The Aquarium, featuring Jason Hutto of Soccer Team and Warm Sun and Laura Harris of Ex Hex, was seriously one of our fave DC bands of the mid aughts. They put out a catchy AF full length self-titled album on Dischord in 2006 and a two song 7″ follow-up in 2009. And now, 9 years later in 2018, the A-side of that 7″ “Performer” just got a brand new music video. Stephen Guidry-White of The Torches shot this footage at the Hosiery in spring of 2009, and then, well, it got shelved or something, who really knows. Like a time capsule miraculously rediscovered, the band and director finished it up and dutiful DC music archivists Dischord Records recently released it. What other unfinished music videos lurk in the dark corners of aging hard drives?

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