Tag Cloud – Measured Mile


Thanks in large part to Rhizome, the experimental music scene in DC is thriving. Open minded audiences are flocking to the Takoma Park house venue for mind-altering jazz and ambient sounds both improvised and meticulously planned. The crew at Verses Records, led by Dennis Kane and Dave Harris, began 2017 with a pair of charity benefit compilations with 40+ tracks each, including some of our faves like Yoko K and Super Silver Haze, and that was just the warm-up. The label also dropped beautiful releases by The Hunted Hare, Gel-Sol and James Wolf, before capping off the year with the fourth album by Tag Cloud, released today digitally and on limited edition CD. Pattern Recognition is 5 ambient excursions of varying length by Chris Videll, who also collaborates as BLK TAG with James S. Adams (BLK w/Bear, Stylus) and Zschwishenzug with Gary Rouzer and Phong Tran (Halo Valley, The Shouts from the Sea). Today we are excited and honored to premiere Tag Cloud’s new music video for “Measured Mile”. As with James Wolf’s recent video, Dennis Kane helms the visuals here, mixing colorful analog static with J.G. Ballard-esque cityscapes. This ambient beauty is exactly the peaceful excursion we could all use in 2017.

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