allthebestkids – Confetti

Genre-defying ensemble allthebestkids debuted their new single “Confetti” with a bang last week, dropping this music video shot during this year’s Funk Parade festival on U Street. The video’s backdrop hearkens back to one of our faves ever, Asheru and The Funk Ark’s “Funky DC” from 2014, and we hope more bands will follow suit. The song is a certified earworm, with singer Anya Ross’s killer hook accentuating Cody Valentine’s rap verses, and the crisp drums and big brass sound make us want to dance through the streets. Catch allthebestkids and Drive TFC on a sunset cruise on the Boomerang Pirate Ship on Sunday September 17th, because what’s better than partying on a pirate ship?


One thought on “allthebestkids – Confetti

  1. […] 4 was a real tough choice this year. “Confetti”, the infectuous single by hip-pop band allthebestkids, is our fave single of the year, and the […]

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