Near Northeast – Just Do Your Thing (Live)

Indie folk band Near Northeast have kept us waiting patiently for a new album after their auspicious 2015 debut Curios (still a pay-what-you-want download!). Yesterday the quartet of Avy Malik, Kelly Servick, Austin Blanton and Antonio Skarica announced they’ve signed to Etxe Records for their next pair of simultaneous album releases, True Mirror and Indali Variations 1​-​8, coming on May 5th. Etxe Records (pronounced et-CHAY) was formed in 2008 by members of the post-punk band Girl Loves Distortion and has released challenging acoustic music by Teething Veils, The Red Fetish and others. True Mirror is the more traditionally-shaped album coming to CD, while its companion Indali Variations 1-8 explores ambient variations on True Mirror‘s closing track, showing up on trendy cassette. Grab both physical releases at their dual album release show Friday May 5th at St. Stephen’s, and dig into this spirited performance of the new single “Just Do Your Thing” recorded live at House Studio earlier this year.

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