Podcast for July 15th, 2016


Paul tells the story of his first favorite DC band, and he and Tony gush about a recent show at Songbyrd by Be Steadwell.

Young Summer – Alright [single]
Alex Vans’ Bad Business – Love You All The Time [single]
The Linemen – Sunday Driver [Close The Place Down]
Cigarette – Warm Shadows [Warm Shadows / Love’s Mirror 7″]
Milo in the Doldrums – Sunday Dawnings [Milo in the Doldrums]
Ocobaya – Messix [Messix EP]

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One thought on “Podcast for July 15th, 2016

  1. […] single off her latest EP You Would Have Loved It Here. We featured it all the way back in July on Hometown Sounds, but I love being able to point to it knowing that odds are you’re either going to a) love it […]

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