Two Inch Astronaut – Personal Life

No one bats a thousand with their crazy ass ideas, but it takes courage to admit it didn’t work out the way you thought and creativity to salvage the tatters into something pretty cool. Director Mike O’Brien thought he could recreate the Wachowski siblings’ Bullet Time effect from The Matrix in DIY fashion by equipping 15 dedicated superfans with selfie sticks while grungy post-hardcore band Two Inch Astronaut performed “Personal Life”, the title track from their recently-released third full length album. That didn’t quite work, so instead we get a video of people filming themselves around the oblivious band. Any concert goer stupid enough to try this at a real show should get their selfie stick broken over their head. After a tour of the southeast and SXSW, the tiny spacegoers play a show at The Void, formerly Hostage House, in Hyattsville on Saturday March 26th with Exploding In Sound labelmates Gnarwhal, XK Scenario and Sungazing.


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