Wylder – Swells

Are these guys on the radio yet? I gave up FM for podcasts years ago, but the acoustic guitar, singalong choruses and feel-good violin & keys melodies of indie folk band Wylder are tailor-made for mass appeal. They’ve only put out 2 singles to date, but their debut album Rain and Laura comes out April 8th, and opening slots for national acts and festival gigs won’t be far behind. Unless, of course, romantic relationship troubles doom this tight-knit sextet of young musicians, as portrayed by singer Will McCarry in their second music video, “Swells”. Don’t ever give up your bros, Will. Catch Wylder opening for The Family Crest at Rock & Roll Hotel on Saturday March 26th.


2 thoughts on “Wylder – Swells

  1. […] and his band also seem to have mastered the art of the romcom-esque music video. Their debut outing “Swells” [haven’t you seen it already?] told a dating story ruined by overzealous band mates, and now […]

  2. […] music chops that really should land them on FM radio and select Pandora stations. Their debut video “Swells” is a ridiculously catchy earworm, but it’s the irresistable follow-up “Bitter” […]

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