Seaknuckle – Shake Shake Shake

Many music fans bemoan the sorry state of music journalism these days. Poor research, insincere opinions and general asshattery generate page clicks and drive the state of music consumption among those that follow the trends. Frederick MD’s indie rock band Seaknuckle have struck back at this, writing a review of their own new album Get Over It for hyperlocal music blog Frederick Playlist. Who better to know every nuance, reference and backstory throughout the 11 songs than the four lads that lived through every minute of the album’s creation? And better to be too close to an artist work than too far away, I’d say. Music criticism is saved!

Seaknuckle’s lead off video for the new album “Shake Shake Shake” employs guest stars Dr. Rich Del Grande and Nurse Louie to show how hard this band rocks. Their album release show is this Saturday at 200 E Patrick St., a vacant space recently transformed into an artistic wonderland, featuring Rozwell Kid, Silent Old Mtns, the Maryland Ensemble Theatre doing live comedy improv, and a beer pong tournament. That’s one hell of a Saturday night right there.


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