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Magnificent Intentions Festival Podcast for October 13th, 2014

Ryan Walker and Brian Pagels from The Beanstalk Library take over the Hometown Sounds podcast to play songs from the Magnificent Intentions Festival at Iota Oct. 17-19.

Justin Jones – Love Lies
The Jackfields – Hung By The Heels
YUM. – So Far
The Fire Tonight – Freedom
Roof Beams – Always
lowercase letters – unattainable
Carolyn Crysdale – More Courageous

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Ex Hex – Waterfall video

My complaint about most DC rock bands is that they take themselves and their music far too seriously. The ladies of DC’s newest sensation Ex Hex are a breath of fresh air. Laura Harris, Betsy Wright and Mary Timony, veterans of many notable DC bands, are clearly having a blast rocking out together and their enthusiasm is infectious. “Waterfall”, the b-side from their debut 7″, gets the music video makeover from underground cartoonist M. Wartella, and it’s instantly one of my favorites of the year. The band flies around in a funky UFO zapping coolness into the likes of Kid Congo Powers, The Make-Up’s Michelle Mae, Alec MacKaye and Francy Graham from Chain & The Gang. If you’re still wondering what costume to wear on Halloween this year, take some notes from this video.


Champagne Fever – Cheerios video

Sometimes the DIY/DIT shows in DC are public, open to all, listed on Showlist DC and suggested by Facebook’s events. And sometimes they’re not. Tonight lovers of DC’s synthpop and electronic boom can catch a stellar lineup including Outputmessage, Pleasure Curses, gypsy jazz singer and DC ex-pat Mary Alouette and newcomers Champagne Fever at a new location called Myster HQ. But only if you’ve already been invited, or know the right people to ask. Even if you aren’t in the know, or have other plans, Champagne Fever’s debut single “Cheerios” can help your Friday along. Doug Waters and Tyler Cole make up Champagne Fever and their EP FTLT isn’t out yet, but that didn’t stop them from enlisting Zambi to direct this video that is gorgeous, rocking and a touch silly. Get that chorus stuck in your head and download it for free on SoundCloud.


Rachel Levitin – Secret’s Safe video


Journalist and frequent We Love DC contributor Rachel Levitin has honed her singer-songwriter chops over the last few years through frequent appearances with Justin Trawick’s We Are The 9 showcase. Her new single “Secret’s Safe” debuted on last week’s episode of Justin’s podcast The Circus Life and released just a couple of days ago on Amazon and iTunes.

Since we are such fans of music videos, Hometown Sounds snagged the opportunity to premiere the music video for “Secret’s Safe”. The song was inspired by a beach trip to Kitty Hawk NC, so director Mike Shubbuck took Rachel and his camera to a beach in Annapolis. Rachel says, “I was at a bachelorette party Saturday night but woke up bright and early at around 3:45 AM to get cleaned up and picked up by Mike before driving to Annapolis. By the time we got there at about 5:45, 15 minutes before the park’s scheduled opening time, there was a line of cars at least 10 deep waiting to get into the park. We were a little shocked by it was one of the last weekends of the summer so that made sense. Once we got through the line, we just started shooting along the shore line with the rising sun behind me. Mike got all the great views as the pinkish-red orb in the sky came up along the blue sky and water line while I was looking at the Bay Bridge or kids playing in the sand. One of my favorite parts of the shoot was that kids who were playing by their parents stopped for a good 15 minutes and listened to me perform the song a few times.”

Rachel Levitin’s debut 7 song EP, produced by Dave Mallen of Innovation Station Music and Metro Music Source, is due for release in early 2015.


Paperhaus – Cairo video

Indie rock quartet Paperhaus have their sights set on the national stage. After Stereogum premiered their new single “Cairo” back in August, today the hugely influential site Brooklyn Vegan debuted its accompanying music video. No surprise that DC’s go-to music video creator Nigel Lyons takes the reins here, delivering a woozy, colorful romp through the 6+ minute spaced-out odyssey, with an appropriate amount of destruction thrown in. Refreshingly, despite this well-deserved push for wider recognition, Paperhaus is still firmly rooted in #DCDIT, hosting shows at their house and promoting the thriving house show scene. Paperhaus opens for Brooklyn’s Landlady at the Black Cat backstage on Monday October 13th. Hold tight for their long-awaited debut full-length album coming February 2015.


DTMD – Who’s Next video

Here’s one we missed from earlier this year. Producer Dunc and rapper Toine, previously makin’ dollas together as DTMD, made their mark on DC hip-hop in 2014 with notable solo albums, Dunc’s Cycles and Toine’s Antoine Jameson. Before those, back in March they dropped a quick 4 song EP called 3 & Out and this fun video for Who’s Next, featuring godlyMC and Cortez.

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Astra Via – The Great Reheater video

Jarrett Nicolay.
Olivia Mancini.
Astra Via.
Echo Birds EP.
Catchy guitar riffs.
Chunky drums.
Sweet harmonies.
New video.
They forgot about it.
Random footage.
No shows yet.
New music coming soon.
Happy Monday!

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Kev Brown & Hassaan Mackey – Dope/Hassaan Be Rappin

Here’s a couple of dope videos presented as one to kick off this weekend. In-demand beatmaker Kev Brown from Landover MD teams up with Rochester NY’s Hassaan Mackey on two tracks “Dope” and “Hassaan Be Rappin” from their upcoming EP That Grit out November 4th. This is the first full length collaboration between these two long time members of the Low Budget Crew, released in conjunction with Ill Adrenaline Records. The rhymes and beats are thick here but I’m most impressed by Mackey’s beard and wicked dreads.

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Diamond District – First Step video

Diamond District‘s figurative March on Washington continues with a brand new music video for the first single “First Step” from their upcoming full length album March on Washington. Directed by Jay Brown, this video deftly accomplishes its goal of introducing the three MCs Uptown XO, yU and Oddisee as each gets a verse of the attention-grabbing song. XO begins in Malcolm X / Meridian Hill park before catching up with yU riding Metro, which should be just about impossible to pull off. Who can actually meet someone IN a metro train? Then suddenly the duo appears at Oddisee’s Brooklyn studio, as if the literal distance between DC and NYC is a short subway ride away. Even though Oddisee departed DC back in 2010, it’s fantastic to see that his ties back here can’t be easily cut. We featured Diamond District’s newest single Lost Cause on this week’s Hometown Sounds podcast, and couldn’t be more excited for this album to drop October 14th on Mello Music Group.

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Laughing Man – Brilliant Colors video

Yesterday Brandon Moses’s always interesting post-punk band Laughing Man dropped their first release in more than 3 years. Ryan Little, music journo and frontman of Tereu Tereu, put out Be Black Baby on his eclectic Bad Friend Records label, picking up some of the energy set free from the demise of Laughing Man’s previous home with Sockets Records. Of course the video for “Brilliant Colors”, the lead off single from the EP, is shot in moody black and white, taking a tour of DC by way of DIY/DIT venue Hole in the Sky. Laughing Man is pretty unique as a black rock band in a scene that can surely do with a dose of diversity, and “Brilliant Colors” addresses this topic directly. Hit up their EP release show this Saturday night at Back Alley Theatre with Mecca Normal, Cigarette, and Sneaks.

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