Diamond District – First Step video

Diamond District‘s figurative March on Washington continues with a brand new music video for the first single “First Step” from their upcoming full length album March on Washington. Directed by Jay Brown, this video deftly accomplishes its goal of introducing the three MCs Uptown XO, yU and Oddisee as each gets a verse of the attention-grabbing song. XO begins in Malcolm X / Meridian Hill park before catching up with yU riding Metro, which should be just about impossible to pull off. Who can actually meet someone IN a metro train? Then suddenly the duo appears at Oddisee’s Brooklyn studio, as if the literal distance between DC and NYC is a short subway ride away. Even though Oddisee departed DC back in 2010, it’s fantastic to see that his ties back here can’t be easily cut. We featured Diamond District’s newest single Lost Cause on this week’s Hometown Sounds podcast, and couldn’t be more excited for this album to drop October 14th on Mello Music Group.

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