Clones of Clones – I Don’t Need Your Love video

Clones of Clones spice up their radio friendly modern rock with just enough profanity to keep things real. They’ve got a bit of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in their sound, with both loud and quiet parts echoing the angsty themes of their new single “I Don’t Need Your Love”. A new 3 song release for the single goes up for preorder today, dropping fully on November 11th, along with the A side’s music video directed by Adam Peditto.
Strange coindicence: Adam also directed many music videos for George Alley, a musician and performance artist in Philly who lived across the hall from me in college. George and I bonded over our shared love of 80s synthpop band Dead or Alive, and I had no idea he even made music videos until I saw Adam’s site. Small world!
Anyway, check out the brand new debut music video for Clones of Clones!


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