New Contributor at Hometown Sounds: Tony Porreco

Hey Hometown Sounds Readers!

My name is Tony Porreco, and Paul recently asked me if I’d like to become a contributor to Hometown Sounds.   (I said yes, of course.)   I’m a D.C. native who’s been back in the area for a couple years after having done school at the University of Delaware (M.A., B.A.).  It’ll be unsurprising to read then that I became interested in the D.C. music scene last year on account of my also being a musician who plays guitar in the local band Black Checker.

I’ve become pretty passionate about the D.C. scene, and I get out to local shows fairly frequently (~1-2 a week).  Likewise, I’ve been working hard the last several months to document the performances of D.C. musicians by way of video and photo.  I curate and manage a YouTube channel containing videos from the shows I attend, with the goal of generating new exposure for artists making music in D.C.

Live Picks!

Now I’ll say a bit about the writing I’ll be doing for HTS, which is going to involve a regular column called Live Picks!    Good shows deserve good turnout, so in each installment, I’ll be selecting an exciting band/artist with an upcoming show that week and doing an in depth profile of (a.) the artist, (b.) their work, and (c.) why you should go see them.  Really, what I’m aiming to do for HTS readers is pair music journalism with a sense of urgency and purpose: Music writing is something that shouldn’t be done in a vacuum for its own sake, independent of real-life happenings, and I think that’s especially true at the local level where you have the opportunity to see these acts perform.  So, if I’m writing someone up, it’s because they’re both compelling AND playing at a venue near you.

Look for the first installment soon.

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