New Contributor at Hometown Sounds: Laura Wiederhoeft

Born in Wisconsin to a pianist and a Dylan fan with a healthy classic-rock record collection, I’ve been fed a steady diet of musical tunes since day one. I’m drawn to anything with a rootsy vibe, thanks to early exposure to folk and a deep loyalty to the Oklahoma indie and Americana I enjoyed in college. My stint as a jazz singer infused my taste with strains of the blues, and my own classical training gives me an appreciation for practiced talent and innovative composition. I’m especially excited about experimental music and new approaches to old styles. More than anything, I admire anyone who creates unique sounds.

I moved to Petworth from the prairies of the snowy Midwest in June 2012. Even though I’m new to the DC arts scene, I have an appetite for all things local. I prefer living room shows and dark, divey bars to arena stages, and I’ve even been known to haunt open mics in hopes of hearing something fresh. In addition to hosting shows at my cozy rowhouse in Northwest DC, I’m looking to meet artists from all walks of life in the metro area and expand my ear. My penchant for local music means I’ll be prowling the venues in search of new artists to support and new tunes to plug in to.

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